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Let’s Get Busy

Hey guys

I don’t really know how it all happened. At one stage, I was lounging around the house, with my exams all finished and I was getting ready to go with my final year of A-Levels. And then all of a sudden, I had loads of things happening all at once. Last week, I had an open day in London on the Saturday, and we saw The Eagles the night before, then the next week I had my Duke of Edinburgh walk, then on Monday I had a driving lesson, yesterday I went to York for the university open day, today I had a languages day at Exeter University, as well as a meeting with some people about work experience, then this weekend I have final rehearsals for a musical I’m doing this Sunday.


Next week our drama class is doing some workshops around the local primary schools about moving up to high school, but we don’t actually know which days we’re going to be doing. Then the week after next, I’m going to Paris, (Monday-Friday) and then the week after that I have work experience, and then the very next day we are heading off to South Africa for two weeks and I can finally relax.


But then we have to come back for our results, and I’ve got it in my head that I’ve failed French, so I’m am prepared for the worst. I think whatever happens, I’ll end up crying. For me, getting anything below a C is like failing and I think it’s because I expect too much from myself. I’d like to imagine that I’m like SuperWoman and I can do everything but this is the real world we’re talking about.

I’ve found that I like being busy, but I just forget when things are and what I’m doing at what time of what afternoon and where I’m going to have tea with who now? It just builds up and my planner can’t contain so much information at once! (Neither can my brain in that case…) And now it’s Thursday night and I’m exhausted- it’s only 21.40!

So with that, my merry stalkers, I bid thee farewell. I’m getting a headache from… whatever this is, and I just hope you aren’t as busy as I am, especially in this heat that makes your thinking go funny.

-The Storyteller


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