Don’t Change

Everyone grows up. That is a fact. But I didn’t expect you to grow up so… fast. You grew up too fast. I remember meeting this active, yet incredibly considerate and intelligent child and you were there when I had no one else, but now everything’s changed. So much happened in five years and it feels like it was all for nothing.

Yes, things got in the way- school, subjects, exams and even more exams, and through all of them I felt you were not only moving away from me, but the person you used to be. I understand that everyone can be influences and influenced, but it scares me how much people influence you. The wrong people. You know the sort I’m on about. The people who make stupid jokes that aren’t funny, who swear every other word… You’re better than them and you know that. That’s what’s making this so much harder for me.

Through this all, I’ve had to learn to let things go and move on because life is like a Rollercoaster. You can let it go without you to dream and wonder about what could’ve happened for the rest of your days and get left behind, OR, you can get off your arse and take the ride of your life.

-The Storyteller


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