Watching People

Hey guys.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I find people really interesting to watch. It’s just that, they seem to get creeped out by my staring so then it gets awkward and it just doesn’t end well. I don’t watch or stare at people because they’re different- you know when you’re little and you see someone in a wheelchair, for example, and your parents say “Now don’t stare at them dear!” It’s not like that at all. I just find everyone else’s daily routines far more interesting than my own.

I went to Exeter University Open Day today (not that I’m thinking of going, we were meeting up with a friend whose daughter was interested in it) and as we drank multiple cups of coffee and hot chocolate, my gaze drifted to those who were there for the open day. It was quite funny how everyone was there for the same reason, but they all had different conversations or reactions… I just found it interesting.

I need to stop repeating the word “Interesting”. I’m doing A-level French and English, both of which encourage you to use more than one version of the same word…

But yeah. I applaud you for being so fascinating, and if you ever see a 17 year old girl staring at you, please don’t be too creeped out- take it as a compliment because there is obviously something captivating about you! Although I completely understand why you wouldn’t accept this as a compliment, I mean if someone was staring at me and I hadn’t seen them before, I’d think they’d be a little creepy.

-The Storyteller


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