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Post Gig Depression

Hey guys!

In five days, it will have been seven months since I saw 30 Seconds to Mars… which was the last gig I went to. This time last year, I had been to see Paloma Faith and Muse already and I can’t deal with the fact that there are so many bands I want to see live but the problem is:

  1. I don’t have enough money
  2. The artists I want to see either aren’t touring, or they’re touring in another country
  3. If they are touring, it’s a day which I’m busy…

It’s so depressing, because gigs are so much fun and it’s an excuse to sing as loud as you like and no one will care how bad you are because they probably won’t even hear you and it’s just… *sighs*

I remember seeing an advert for Panic! at the Disco going on tour with Walk the Moon who I LOVE and I got really excited, only to realize that it was an American tour and honestly, I nearly cried. Also, Neon Trees are touring, and they’re coming to London but I can’t go because that date is on a Tuesday and I’ll be at school and I have swimming and my parents would probably tell me to make my own way up to London and it’s not fair!

I’ve never suffered from withdrawal symptoms, but I’m pretty sure what I’m going through right now is similar. Gigs are like my drug. I suppose one of the good things to come from this is that Shinedown, my favourite band, and Walk the Moon are both in the process of recording new albums and stuff, so that means if I can survive the rest of this year, they will be touring next year and it will be amazing. And anyway, good things come to those who wait, right?

-The Storyteller


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