Types of Bloggers

Hey guys!

You’ve probably noticed in the blogosphere that most bloggers have a certain style to their blog- be it fashion, lifestyle, food or travel, they are able to stick to just one topic, or somehow maneuver their daily life into this thing that is their interest. For me, as you probably know, I don’t have a specific style. I write about me, how I feel and that’s about it. Yes, I have the occasional reviews or I go on about swimming or something, but it’s not all based around one thing.

I don’t know if that would make my blog “better”. I wouldn’t want to suddenly change this blog out of the blue and just start writing about travelling, for example, because first of all, I don’t haven enough money to be travelling all the time, and secondly, I worry about getting bored. The thing I like about my way of writing my blog is that I know I’ll be interested in what I have to say, and I believe that if the author has a genuine interest in their chosen topic, it will come across to the reader whether they are interested in the topic or not.

Maybe one day I might start another blog- don’t worry, I’m not going to abandon this one- because I’ve recently been re-thinking my life choices. Again. It’s not to drastic this time, I’m not thinking of becoming a heart-surgeon or something, but a few years ago I wanted to be a journalist, then I changed my mind when I was about 14 to become an actress. In the past few weeks however, I like the idea of writing more than anything. I don’t want to be an author, because ideas like that are hard to come by, but if I could just be paid to write about my opinions- say on a blog, for example- then that would be great. Even if I had an article in the paper, that would be really cool.

As you know, I want to travel and that’s really expensive if you consider the fact that I’m a person who wants to travel everywhere. I’m not even exaggerating. And I would probably start a travel blog in that case, but that’s all in the future. For now, I just want to know if this is the type of blog you like reading? Just my random thoughts on life and stuff? Because I’m not really planning on changing it anytime soon!

-The Storyteller


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