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Gove, you’re doing it again…

*Apologies in advance for this incredibly angry post*

Hey guys,

So for those of you who live in the UK, I’m sure you’re aware of the acts of everyone’s favourite Secretary for Education, Michael Gove and his feelings towards studying American Literature at GCSE’s. Obviously, I’m not doing GCSE’s, but truthfully, I loved studying Of Mice and Men. There are so many themes explored in that novel which honestly helps if you decide to take A-level English Literature.

Only once before have I written about Mr Gove, who is a complete twat if you want my opinion, as he came to our school in Devon to compare how we are taught compared to the cities. Now, he didn’t come into my English class, but my sister’s class. When he walked in, he asked if any of them watched The X Factor or Eastenders or something like that… Not exactly what you’d expect from the Secretary of Education, huh?

But the thing that really gets me, is that he didn’t even know what Of Mice and Men was! And he’s in charge of the whole bloody thing I mean… who lets someone like this be in control of our future? I read in the paper recently that it’s because he wants our education to be “traditional”. But what does that mean? Apparently he “doesn’t like Of Mice and Men” but if he didn’t know what it was a year ago, I’m sure he probably has only a tiny bit more knowledge about it now considering he is a massive idiot who doesn’t deserve to be in charge of anything.

It’s sad, because for students who want to continue with Literature later on, say at A-levels or at University, they have been let down because of this man, and they are missing out on some really important Literature that deserves to be recognized. Who cares if it’s American? Or Canadian? Or French? Or Spanish? Just because it’s not British Literature and it wasn’t written by Shakespeare doesn’t mean you can just take it off the syllabus because someone at the top end “doesn’t like it”. “Doesn’t know a bloody thing about it” sounds more accurate to me.

In the chance that Mr Gove is reading this, how about you take into consideration the fact that this is our future, not yours. So don’t go making a mess of it, whether you like it or not.

-The Storyteller


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