Assumptions and Stereotypes

Hey guys,

I take media as an A-level subject, and loads of my friends who take science have been saying recently (due to exams) “How about you do chemistry and I can just watch TV.” Obviously they were joking, but it just annoys me when people who don’t take a certain subject have a certain view on it.

Media, for example is known as a “soft subject”, and I know it’s not as hard as French or Maths or Science or something, but it just makes me feel stupid for some reason, when I know I’m not. People need to realize that you shouldn’t just judge something by the negative views you’ve heard about it. And people just think that media is all about watching TV. Yes, that is a part of it, but we don’t spend every single lesson watching episodes of Sherlock or Downton Abbey and making notes on it. We also learnt about the music industry, which was so much harder because of all the terminology you have to know and how to apply it to the question which is almost always worded weirdly.

So before you make any assumptions or jokes about something you don’t know much about, how about you think about what it is for a while, and leave your comments out of it?

Rant over.

-The Storyteller


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