There was a time

There was a time
I can only just recall
That I’d play in the street
With my bike and my ball.

There was a time
When computers were for grown-ups
And it was the kids who complained
They weren’t getting out enough.

It’s all about the likes and shares
in this age of social networking.
But who really cares
when it’s just our good side that we’re showing.

Instead of going to the park
The rage is new technology
Since when were our lives, our news
a contest for popularity?

We don’t live in the moment,
or embrace what we have
Because we live every single day
with a phone in our hands.

This is the problem,
the next big epidemic.
And one day it will consume us,
We can’t just stand here and let it.

So put down your phone,
step away from that screen.
Go out into the world,
You’ll see what I mean.

For one hour, maybe two,
Everything can be about you.
Accept the world that gave you life
And trust me…

Everything will be alright.

-The Storyteller


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