Favourite Quotes

“Just keep driving, keep breathing, and don’t look back.”

Hey guys!

I’d just like to say how much I like this quote, because it is so relevant when you are going through times of trouble, if people aren’t treating you right or something bad is going on, the only way to make any progress whatsoever is to keep moving forward. Life goes on, and even if it’s incredibly hard to feel better or more positive, it’ll come in the end.

I think part of the reason I’m so fascinated by the world, and I’m so excited about going to university is because I want to face new experiences and just experience life. Because if you don’t do that then what else is there to do? Life is supposed to be an adventure so this quote is for anyone really. When you’re faced with something really important, say an interview I think it’s quite relevant…

Anyway, I thought I should go all inspirational today because I have exams coming up soon and I need it right now.

-The Storyteller


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