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Review on… The Grand Budapest Hotel

Hey guys!

I had an interesting day yesterday, which I’d rather not go into much detail about, but it wasn’t great. So myself and a few friends went out for a bite at Yo!Sushi! followed by a visit to the cinema to watch the highly anticipated “The Grand Budapest Hotel”.

Basically, it’s about a Lobby Boy called Zero, who recalls his time working at the Grand Budapest Hotel, and he tells the story ofย how he came to own the hotel, and the reasons as to why he won’t let the remote mountainside hotel close down- let alone the lack of guests.
The film follows young Zero’s adventures with his boss Gustave after the sudden death of Madame D who has left Gustave a precious painting in her will. Her son wants to get back at Gustave, and so the madness begins.

I really don’t think I should talk about in too much detail because, knowing me, I am bound to give something away without mentioning SPOILER ALERT! But at the same time I want to inform you about how fabulously made Wes Anderson’s comedy was written, filmed, acted. I loved the wittiness of the jokes, and it’s so different to many modern movies I’ve seen recently. With an all-star cast, including Ralph Fiennes, Jeff Goldblum, Saoirse Ronan, Jude Law, Tilda Swinton, Bill Murray, Owen Wilson and many more, it would be stupid not to go and see this film because it was such a feel good movie- there were occasional moments of tension which I loved, but then they were suddenly followed by subtle humorous elements which really made my day- for example, an assassin walking out into the cold night in his socks.

I highly recommend this film if British humour is your thing. If not then… well I don’t know if it’s quite for everyone. But if your in the need for your moods to be lifted, then I recommend The Grand Budapest Hotel.

-The Storyteller

File:The Grand Budapest Hotel Poster.jpg


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