Hey guys!

Reading has always been something that I love. One of the first jobs I ever wanted when I was about 3 years old, was to be a Librarian with long golden hair- which wouldn’t really work out too well because I’m a brunette…

But anyway, I don’t want to be a librarian anymore- I want to be an actress, like you know. But, I still love walking into a bookshop, and I could literally spend hours there. If I had more money it would all be spent on books. I would actually like to work in a bookshop, but I think I would just get distracted and start reading the books instead of selling them.

I also have a bad habit when it comes to reading books, because I usually start off by reading one, and then I might get another one as a birthday present or something, and I’ll want to read that one as well. And because I’m doing A-level English Literature, I need to read a lot of books anyway, so I end up with a pile of at least four or five books on my bedside table. This has always been a problem with me, even before I took A-level English and I have managed to sort this out… kind of. I can get through about two books at the same time, but there is usually one which I prefer, so I read that more and quicker than the other one. For example, at the moment I am reading The 100-Year-Old-Man Who Climbed Out a Window and Walked Away, And the Mountains Echoed, and Vernon God Little. Out of the three, my favourite by far is And the Mountains Echoed, by Khaled Hosseini. I started reading his books for English, and he is just an amazing storyteller, and I’ve learnt so much about the history of Afghanistan. I do like The 100-Year-Old-Man, but I find that the chapters are really, really long and eventually I kind of lose interest. So my plan of action is to finish And The Mountains Echoed, because I’m about 3/4 of the way through. So expect a review about it very soon!

That was a bit of a rant…

My final thing is about the ongoing war between Books and Kindles. I have a Kindle Fire, which I got for my birthday last year, and in all honesty, I didn’t use it until September- my birthday is in January. Having used a Kindle, I can say that I do prefer books, because nothing beats a good book. But I do understand why people like Kindles when travelling because it’s lighter, easier, etc, etc. One of the bad things with mine is that the battery runs out quite quickly…

If my plans of becoming an actress fail, I think I might just spend my life working in a bookshop. At least I’d be happy.

-The Storyteller


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