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Cutting Down

Hey guys!

I think it’s fair to say that when it come to cake and muffins etc, I may be slightly obsessed, like any normal person. Right? Well, I think “slightly obsessed” is a bit of an understatement, to be completely honest.
At school, there are cakes and muffins of all sorts every single day, so I usually buy a cake 5 days a week, and I just tell myself that I’ll swim it off- I mean, I do swim 5 days a week, but when I put it into perspective, I feel incredibly unhealthy.

So, My plan of action is to cut down on the amount of muffins and cakes I eat. I’m not sure how often I’ll have them, but what I’m thinking, is to not have any for the next few weeks while I’m at school before going on study leave for exams. I don’t have many cakes at home anyway, unless I actually bake them. So I think this will be good for me because I need to stop making excuses to eat loads of food.

I’d just like to say, I’m not overweight. At least I don’t think so, I mean we don’t have a scale so I don’t know how much I weigh but I’m pretty sure I’m okay… But I hear that eating healthier makes you feel better, so it’s not just about doing sport to be healthy. I think the best way to approach this is to go in with an open mind and just not think about it too much… It’s easy saying that now because it’s the Easter Holidays and we have two weeks away from school so that’s going to be two weeks without muffins, and so far I’ve only had one muffin. I’ve had a couple of cupcakes though…

Anyway, sorry about the randomness there. I thought I should share that with you in case I start suffering withdrawal symptoms and die or something.

-The Storyteller


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