“Profesh Bloggur”

Hey guys!

I’ve literally just come from talking to my friend over the Book of Faces…. Facebook. That’s Facebook. *Rolls Eyes* I apologize.

We were having a conversation about professional bloggers, and how cool it would be to get paid for basically having an opinion. I’ve had my blog for what… 2 and a half years/going on 3? I don’t get paid to do this, I thought I should mention that now, because blogging is my hobby. My first blog post was in October 2011, I was 14, and it was a really awkward introduction. I didn’t know what I was going on about, but eventually you find your voice, a way to write that is comfortable and can engage YOU GUYS, my fabulous readers.

In a way, I like the fact that I’m not paid to do this, because it’s how I get my feelings across, whether it’s through rants, ramblings, stories or poems… I get my views heard. I can say now that almost all of my poems, except a couple, are based on real people. But I’m that person who struggles to tell others what I’m feeling face to face, and would much rather tell it in a way that is more subtle, maybe to break the ice. I don’t know.

This blog is basically my diary, my online book of thoughts, and it’s personal. If it was a physical object, it would be the one thing I’d never go anywhere without. So if I did, by chance, become a professional blogger in the future, I would make a different one, so I don’t have to advertise things I don’t like. Or whatever the product would be, because that’s not how I roll. I like reviewing things such as music and movies and books, not shoes and clothes and accessories.

And how do you define “Professional” anyway? Because you get paid? Because you’re “known”? Because you have thousands of subscribers? Does it not count how dedicated you are to your blog, and what you’re writing about comes from the heart? I wonder how many of the “profesh bloggurs” out there actually put time into their blogs or if they prepare a speech before writing it, and edit it and everything to make it sound more… what? Clever? I don’t really plan my posts. When I get an idea for a poem/story, I think about it for a few days, making links or rhyming patterns, how I’ll structure it, but usually I just sit down, log on and write. This one started by a conversation, but I’ve just rambled on from literally the first sentence. That’s my style. And it’s going to stay that way.

-The Storyteller

*That sounded a bit like a rant. It wasn’t meant to be… Ooops.

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