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March Update/Stress

Hey guys!

The busiest week of my life EVER is quickly approaching- I have two days left of freedom until I will be doing something drama-related every single day of next week, starting on Monday, which is the day of my A-level monologue and instead of just having one examiner and an audience, we are going to be having an examiner, who is being examined, who is also being examined, which makes a grand total of four examiners and an audience, although only one of the examiners is actually examining our performances. However, if we do badly, we can’t use the excuse of “It was the examiner’s fault” because…
a) They will be doing everything right because they are being examined
b) The person who decides on our overall grade is going to be there in person
…So I’m stressing out just a little bit about that.

On Tuesday I’m less busy, because apart from swimming, I don’t really have anything on YET, but we might be having a rehearsal for Friday, which I will come to later.

On Wednesday, I have a rehearsal for a show I’m doing on Thursday, which includes a dance and a performance of “Mobile Phone Show” by Jim Cartwright, and just last week I was given another character because the other person couldn’t do it anymore so I’m stressing out about that because I don’t know all of the lines yet and AAARGJHdzh. But it’ll be fine. It’s fine.

Finally on Friday, our school is having a Sixth Form Variety Showcase, and my group is doing the Time Warp (agaaain!) and I’m Magenta, and I got my outfit all sorted today (at last!) and I have this really weird wig but it will probably be okay in the end… I’m just worried that it’ll fall off… I’m sure it won’t though. I’ve had to grip a bit of it back though because it keeps getting in my eyes and it’s really annoying, and I have to find a way of tying up my hair so that it doesn’t stick out, and that it not obvious under the wig, but that shouldn’t be too hard.

And that is my week, so if I am unusually quiet that is the reason… I should be back in the Blogosphere soon enough though!

-The Storyteller


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