Hey guys!

If I could go into any profession, I would become a Fangirl, because I know how to do that already and I think I would be very successful.

Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure there aren’t any jobs out there which include screaming over 6ft tall English men with prominent cheekbones who can sing and act and just do everything so perfectly it’s just… there’s no words. So writing this post is going to be interesting…

Basically, being a fangirl means that whenever your favourite person does anything EVER, you will freak out about it no matter what, and your thoughts about this will be expressed on multiple social networks until there is literally nothing else left to say except… “irgbalsnkfb”. If your favourite person is a musician, or if it’s your favourite band, you will just about have a heart attack when you hear that they are either:
a) Coming to your country, and
b) Coming to a city near you
If you are the ultimate fangirl, you will fight your way to the front of the queue, you will make sure you are on the ticket website 5 minutes before they go on sale, you will make sure you get those important tickets because if you don’t then you’ll be left out and the fangirling community around you will be talking about this event for days, weeks, months, years afterwards and you feel like an idiot because you missed out. Not that you would miss out of course, because you are a professional fangirl and you know this stuff already.

I don’t know when this started to sound like an advert for how to be a fangirl, but it seems to be working out okay…

Now, OBVIOUSLY fangirls aren’t just for the musically talented. They are also for those people who, with the smallest change in their facial expression can become someone completely different.
Yes, I have moved onto… the ACTORS!
In this case, when you discover so-called actor, at first you’ll be like, “Wow, this guys pretty good.” And then it’ll eventually progress into something like this:
“How does he remember all those lines? Hmm, he’s not bad looking actually… Look at his cheekbones… and his hair… and… did his voice always sound so angelic? How have I not heard of him before? I must stalk them- I mean… do my research…” And within no time, you’ll find yourself liking their official Facebook page, as well as all the fan made ones, and you’ll be following them on Twitter and following all the other fangirls and fangirling with them about this amazing specimen, and you’ll be ordering all the other TV shows and movies they’ve been in because you have to catch up on this kind of thing, and so it goes on. I’ll just say that fangirls don’t just fangirl over men. But you get the point, right? It’s a crazy obsession we women have to live with, which just makes our lives that little bit more exciting.

Oh, one final thing: Be prepared to make uncomfortably high noises, the type of noise you never thought would leave your voice box. There is also a chance of screaming. And fainting… And forgetting to breathe… I think us fangirls should get a medal or something.

-The Storyteller


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