Best About Me…

Hey guys!

I feel that in our modern day society, people don’t feel that they can or should compliment themselves enough because they feel like they’re boasting, or bragging, or just because they’ve been lead to believe that no one should feel proud of themselves. But I am here to tell you that this is wrong, and I am going to start by telling you the best parts about me, which make me ME, and what I am proud of about myself.

Firstly and most importantly, the thing that makes me who I am is my personality. Almost everyone I know has complimented it at some point or another so I know that it’s something that people like, and it helps to boost my confidence to know that I can be myself around other people instead of pretending to be someone else who I’m not. I suppose when my friends see me acting, especially if I’m not in a very good mood in that scene, it might come across as a bit of a shock because this is a part of my I don’t show very often, and I don’t know if it sounds bad, but I like seeing their reaction to “the other side of me”! And this makes me want to be an actress more. That leads me onto my second point: I am ambitious. I know acting is a hard career choice to get into but I am prepared to do whatever it takes to become a good actress… Well. Almost anything. And it’s not just acting in which I have great ambitions for- there’s traveling as well. As you know, I want to travel around the world, particularly Mexico, South America, Russia and Australia. These are the places I must go to before I die.

The next thing I am proud about myself is that I am friendly. A while ago I wrote a post about being nice all the time, and I often want people to see the “real me”, but I think I can take this “niceness” for granted. If I was in a bad mood all the time, then my friends would probably not be my friends anymore because I wouldn’t be nice to them so they’d be like “Ugh she’s horrible… Ugh.”… Not that they’d do that necessarily, but you see what I mean. I like the fact that people find it easy to approach me, and feel comfortable to talk about stuff with me. I’m not sure if it’s because I can be quite nosy sometimes, but I do occasionally wish that people, particularly those close to me, would share their problems with me more because I do like to try and help where I can, especially if I am part of the problem… which I hope isn’t always the case, but you can’t please everyone!

Like I said at the start, not many people like to talk about themselves and apparently that’s what people look for in interviews- all the people in the world of work reading this will probably understand. And the youth of today need to overcome this… fear of talking about themselves in a positive light. If you are a person who struggles with this, why not make a list of all the good things about you. Maybe you can give it to people you know and see what they like about you. This’ll help boost your confident, only if you BELIEVE what these people are saying.


-The Storyteller


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