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Review on… The Monuments Men

Hey guys,

I saw The Monuments Men yesterday with my mum, and it was really good and exciting and tense and funny and… just everything good about a movie (for me anyway).

I remember seeing the advert a couple of weeks ago, thinking, “Wow, this looks like a really interesting story…. wait… it’s a TRUE STORY!?” And I was quite shocked about how I had never heard of these guys who saved art during World War Two.

Basically, the plot of the film is what I just mentioned, but I loved how the story flowed and how we got to follow each of the men in finding these historical pieces which were being stolen by the Nazi’s to fill up Hitler’s dream “Fuehrer Museum”. Having a tough start to get approval of the mission, The Monuments Men set off across Europe to get back the stolen artworks.

George Clooney starred and produced or directed this film, and usually I would say I’m not such a big fan of his, but in this project, her really showed his talent as an actor and a director. The fact that it is based on a true story, which you can read about in the book by Robert Edsel with the same title. Every part of the film captivated me, and I especially like how it seemed to start off quite light-hearted, and eventually we are engulfed into the character’s mission, and realize the importance and dangers of what they have set out to achieve.

I’m not sure if this is a movie for everyone. Generally, I don’t have a favourite genre so I like to watch a wide range of films but if you like Historical dramas, or if you like movies about saving art, then go and watch it! I think that there should be more positive reviews about The Monuments Men, because I feel that it is an important part of history that more people should know about.

-The Storyteller



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