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February Update

Hey guys!

I feel January went well with the whole “keeping you posted” thing, as you may have noticed, because towards the end of 2013 I wasn’t as regular with posting stuff for you because I had just started my A-Levels and it took a while to get into a routine. So my New Year’s Resolution was to post more. I’ve even made a list of things on my phone of stuff I’d like to write about before I forget about it, so I really have no excuse, and I’m trying to get through all the ideas I’ve got at the moment on a monthly basis… although that is a bit debatable!

January was a great start for me and my blog, but the first week of February has kind of gone down hill a bit. In the first three days of last month I posted something everyday, and then that became a couple of posts a week. But I do have an excuse!
A lot of stuff is coming my way in the next couple of months and I’m going to get so busy so I thought it would be good to tell you about it now so if there comes a time when I seem to have disappeared of the face of the internet, you’ll know why!

Firstly, I’m going to Rome on the 28th. It’s a weekend trip with my school and we’re going to be doing things like going to the Colosseum, seeing the Catacombs, The Borghese Gallery, visiting the Rome Museum of Contemporary Art, the Forum, The Trevi Fountain and of course, The Spanish Steps. I’ve never been to Rome before, and I’ve mentioned before in a post called Born Traveler, I talked about how I want to go to so many places around the world, and Italy has always been one of them.

You may remember I posted about making the decision of starting a YouTube channel, and yes I am procrastinating but I will start before the end of this month. That is my goal, but I’m still thinking of how to start and what to say and when I can do it. So that means I will Vlog in Rome and you can see all the stuff we’re going to get up to! I’m also going to Paris in July and obviously South Africa, so you can come with me on my 2014 adventure!

That’s mostly it for February. Next month I’m going to be so busy as well in the world of drama, because I have my A-level monologue on the 24th March, then a rehearsal for another thing on the 26th, the actual performance on the 27th, and we are having our 6th Form Variety Showcase on the 28th, which I am really looking forward to! My group are doing the Time Warp and I’m playing Magenta and I really hope it’s going to blow the audience away because we are just fabulous.

-The Storyteller


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