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Review on… Outnumbered

Hey guys,

Outnumbered started again on Wednesday! Unfortunately I wasn’t there to see it when it was actually on, but thanks to the wonderful invention of recording, I was able to catch up on it.

A lot of my friends said they didn’t enjoy it because they were all so different and it was hard to get used to, and it also wasn’t as funny as the last series when they were younger, and I get their points. The fact that it was semi-improvised/scripted made it seem more natural, and like they were a proper family, but just because the kids have grown up, for me anyway, didn’t make it a rubbish first episode.

Yes, there were parts of it which I thought were dragging on a bit, but from my perspective, I liked how the kids had all grown up and were in High School because I can relate to all the different stages they’re at and I found it funny. I think the main reason people didn’t like it was because of how different Karen looks with dark, straight hair but people change guys! Don’t judge and stuff!

The one thing I would have to criticize it on, is the fact that I thought more should have happened, or could have happened. I felt that the parents were complaining too much and didn’t really do much to sort out the problems. (Although they did manage to make some worse but that’s not the point.) I’m looking forward to the next series, because I like to give things a chance and I’ve always been a fan of the show so I’m not going to give up on it now. Or ever.

-The Storyteller


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