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Hey guys!

I have spent the last two weekends doing a lifeguarding course (NPLQ- National Pool Lifeguarding Qualification) and today we had an assessment which I passed! Happy days!

There was a lot of theory stuff, which took 2 HOURS! Then that was followed by an hour in the pool doing practical things, like throw bags, the torpedo buoy, and wade in rescues, timed swims, vice grips and head splints, and getting a casualty out of the water with a suspected spinal injury- either with or without a spinal board.


And that’s not all of it! There was CPR, theory questions about CPR, then questions about everything else to do with lifeguarding. I’m happy that I had this really great team. There were three of us girls, and then four guys. There was one in particular who was hilarious, and just made the theory part of it more interesting and, being me who panics when it comes to theory exams, made it more bearable.

Thankfully, no one did anything drastically wrong, so we all passed. At least I think we did. I’m pretty sure we all did. Even though I don’t know all of the other team members hugely well after spending six days together (with a week in the middle), I think I will miss most of them. And because I won’t necessarily be working with them all, because of where they live etc, I won’t see them again. It’s a bit odd to be honest… But in the unlikely chance that any of you will read this… Thank you.

So yeah. I can now save lives and stuff!

-The Storyteller


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