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Highlights of 2013

Hey guys!

Are you prepared for the final post of the year? I’m not!

Recently I’ve been struggling to write a good enough post about certain things so I’ve decided to put them all into one final post- this one. And when I say “final post”, I mean final post of 2013, and it’s been one hell of a year!

Where do I start? Well, I know for a fact that I’ve already mentioned that I’ve been to four gigs this year- Paloma Faith in February, Muse in May, Alter Bridge in October and 30 Seconds to Mars in November. They were all fabulous and 2014 will have to turn it up a notch in the world of music for me.
Some of you might be wondering why I didn’t really talk about Alter Bridge, or maybe you didn’t notice.. I don’t know. Basically, I went to see them as my two of my favourite bands, Halestorm and Shinedown, were also supporting them. I think I mainly saw them for Shinedown but I’d like to put it out there that I DO like Alter Bridge. I just prefer Shinedown. Anyway, it was a brilliant gig and I would definitely see them again. I can’t believe it’s been two months and four days…

Talking about Shinedown, one of my biggest highlights is that Zach Myers replied to me on Twitter the other day! Although he said he hadn’t seen Star Trek 2… which wasn’t cool, but I don’t really care. It was a great moment in the fandom of Janet.

Apart from music, there have also been some amazing films out this year- Star Trek 2, Thor 2, The Fifth Estate, Catching Fire… there are too many to name. And I’m glad I’ve seen all the ones I have because nothing beats the atmosphere of watching a great movie in the cinema. There are, of course, movies I didn’t get to see, such as Gravity, and I haven’t seen The Hobbit yet, so that’s why I didn’t mention it!

Oh, also I was followed by Mitchel Emms… he was a contestant on The Voice this year and was my favourite, but he’s in a band called Mr Nothing and they’re really good if you like Alternative Rock, so check them out!

Ummm. What else… This sort of thing happens a lot with me, I have so much I want to say and then forget about it..

TV!! That’s what I was going to talk about next.
Tv, I am proud of you this year. First of all, I’d like to say that I love this show called “Smash” and it had it’s second season about a month ago and it was so good and dramatic and funny and amazing and shocking and I still can’t believe it. *Sighs* Smash is basically a show about Broadway, and it’s like a better version of Glee because it’s not quite as cheesy, and although it’s like a musical drama, a lot of the songs are written for the show because it’s about musicals and it fits in and makes sense.

AND DOCTOR WHO! We can’t forget the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who. I was lucky enough to watch it in the cinema with a few friends and it was just… fabulous. I was a bit confused at the end though, when it shows all the Doctors saving Gallifrey, and when it shows the 12th Doctor. I mean, I get that it is foreshadowing tomorrow’s episode, but it didn’t make sense to me as to why The Doctor would still be saving his planet after he’s regenerated… does that make sense? Is there something I’m missing? Because apart from that, I loved it all and I especially loved 10 and 11’s relationship.

Finally, I think one of the main highlights was passing my GCSE’s, with five A’s, two B’s and two C’s. Overall I was happy, but I would have liked to get a better mark in Drama (one of the C’s) because it’s kinda what I want to do with my life… but I’ll get through!

So, my dear readers, have a fabulous Christmas, and an incredible New Year. May 2014 be brilliant, and let Sherlock be with you! (On New Year’s Day, 9 o’clock.)

-South African Nutter


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