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Are you crazy?

Hey guys!

I was thinking about writing this in the “Ambitions” post a few days ago, but knowing me, I forgot.

The other thing I’d like to add to my “To do list”, is to take part in a triathlon.

Now, I’m guessing most of you reading this are probably de-motivated, bored, vampire-like teenagers who spend their weekends in front of a computer screen and must be thinking I’ve lost it.. right?

*HOLD IT… Is it de-motivated or un-motivated..? Someone please let me know.*

But over the summer, when in South Africa, I kept up my training with an Olympian for a coach, and I trained five times a week with triathletes. There was only one other girl who was about my age, and the rest were probably all over 24. It was then that I thought doing a triathlon would be interesting, except I’d rather not do the running part of it.

When I came back to England, I told my coach that I trained with triathletes, and he said that if your best sport is swimming, then you tend to do better in a triathlon than someone who prefers running or cycling. This is because swimming is the only sport where you can transfer the skills into cycling and running, and not the other way round. Cool, eh?

SO with this in mind, I added “Do a triathlon” to my bucket list. I don’t know when but I’d like to do one fairly soon, before I change my mind.

-South African Nutter


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