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“Don’t be delicate
Be vast and brilliant.”

-Brent Smith, Shinedown

Hey guys!

I thought that since Christmas is nigh and the end of 2013 is in a couple of weeks, we should have an Inspirational session to get us through these last two weeks of the year.

I particularly like this quote by Brent Smith, lead singer of Shinedown, because it makes me want to be ambitious and makes me want to go and be an actress, no matter how hard that will be… and also, it inspires me to be confident with myself as well as other people. I used to be very shy… two years ago I didn’t really like to talk to loads of people I didn’t know like at parties or whatever, but now I have the mindset that if I don’t get to know people, then I won’t enjoy anything.

We need people who make these incredible, inspirational quotes in our society today because you get people like the 14-year-old me who would sit in the corner and hope that someone comes up to me and says “Hi”. But believe it or not, it takes two to tango. Get out of that self-conscious little bubble of yours and make a fool out of yourself, because even though it’ll be embarrassing at the time, your confidence will grow and you will learn to like this new part of you. Unleash your confidence!ย 

Brent is my inspiration because when I saw Shinedown supporting Alter Bridge in October, it was just one of the best nights ever and everything that felt bad or frustrating seemed to lift out of me. So, thank you!

“It’s never goodbye…
It’s just till next time.”

-South African Nutter


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