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Hey guys!

As you may well know, my favourite sport is swimming. And it’s not just a favourite sport for me… It’s part of my life, part of my daily routine. I swim for a club, 5 days a week, so here is an example of my Monday Morning:


  • 5:30am– wake up
  • 5.40am– have breakfast
  • 5:50-6:00am– feed the cats and dog, and pack school bag
  • 6:00am– Wait for friend to pick me up
  • 6:20am– Arrive at the swimming Pool
  • 6:30am– Start training
  • 7:30am– End training
  • 7:50am– Leave swimming pool
  • 8:10am– Get home

When I get home, I dry my hair, have a second breakfast, wash my face and all the little things that you can do in 20 minutes.

All of my friends ask me why I get up at the crack of dawn twice a week. (I do this on Wednesdays too). But the thing is, I am one of those people who is just motivated to do things. I suppose it is because I am an optimist, (most of the time) and I don’t really like disappointing people- in this case, it would be disappointing my coach if I don’t turn up.

Honestly, I don’t know where the motivation comes from. I am an incredibly nice person, and I can actually say that because so many people have told me, but I think it’s that part of me that keeps me going. I like to see people happy and as I said in my last post, I like to talk to people (a lot) and I’m sure you’ve found that if they are in a bad mood then it’s hard to get a conversation going!

Being part of a club is a good thing for me, because I am surrounded by people, friends who want to be there. I have two types of friends in my life: The ones at school, who I can discuss almost everything with, who I see almost everyday, and I have known them for years. I also have friends at swimming, who I see five times a week (the same amount of time as my school friends), but we can talk about swimming. That is the thing we all have in common, and it’s so easy to talk about something that I am interested in with other people.

I think that is why I am so motivated.

Now, before there is some massive row, I can talk to my school friends about swimming, but not all of them understand. If they did, I’m sure they wouldn’t keep asking me where I get the motivation to swim as much as I do, and the truth is… I just love it.

My sister is a huge Supernatural fan, and I can understand her fangirling because if I put her feelings for the show into my view on swimming, I would be totally freaking out. Does that make sense?

-South African Nutter


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