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The Storyteller

Hey guys!

I don’t know how many of you will remember a post from ages ago, but I wanted to change my blog name to “Janet’s Planet”. However, someone else had that name so I couldn’t take it and I stuck with South African Nutter since then.

But I’ve been thinking.

As much as I like the name “South African Nutter”, because it includes my South African roots in the title, I’ve thought of a new name, one that represents me so much more than South African Nutter.

Loads of people tell me how I talk about things in so much detail, and my stories go on far longer than they should do because I don’t want to leave anything out. I remember when two of my friends first told me this, and they made it sound like a bad thing… that I talk to much. But obviously afterwards, they said “But don’t take it personally, it makes youย you.” To be fair, I did take it personally (for about 10 minutes) because I know that I talk a l0t, and I don’t care if I lose my voice in doing so. And then after that 10 minutes I was yet again proud of this part of myself. Talking for ages makes me more confident, and I think that is the problem with many teenagers in our society.

Woah, I wasn’t expecting a whole essay about why I want to change my blog name…

But you can see why “The Storyteller” would suit me a whole lot more, right??

SO in the New Year, South African Nutter will be no more, and The Storyteller will take it’s place.

-South African Nutter (or… The Storyteller… to be.)


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