Duke of Edinburgh Award

Hey guys!

I’m doing my silver Duke of Edinburgh award this year, So I thought I would talk about that because, you know, that’s always fun.

For those who don’t know, there are three parts to this award: Bronze, Silver and Gold. You can do them all in order, or you can be a rebel like me and jump in at silver. There are three things you need to complete over a certain time-scale in order to get the award, which includes a physical activity, a skill, and volunteering.

Since I haven’t done the Bronze award, my times for these three things will be different to those who have. So for me, I can choose to do one activity for 3 months, the other for 6 months, and the final one for 12 months. I’ve been doing this since October now, so I am well into the award but you have to keep recording what you’re doing as evidence so then you can get a silver award, and it’s recognized by universities so it is a good thing to get involved with as soon as you can.

Finally, you have to do an expedition. I am in a group of five for this, and hopefully we are going to go cycling from North Devon to South Devon. As I am doing this at school, we have a big group of people, and the five of us don’t really want to walk for 3 days so cycling seems much more suited to us!

Yeah… that’s pretty much all I have to say on that. If you are interested, then visit the Duke of Edinburgh website.
All for now!

-South African Nutter


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