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Ambitions and Bucket Lists

Hey guys!

This is a topic I visit quite regularly on my blog, but I thought I might just talk about it in general. As most of you know, one of my ambitions is to become an actress. However, as I mentioned in a previous post, I also like the idea of becoming a Speech and Language Therapist. But lets not get into that right now, in fact… you can search for a post called “Mid-week crisis” if you’re interested.

Anyway, my main ambition (careers-wise) is to be an actress, and this is something I’ve wanted to do since I was about… 13 or 14? And I think it’s one of those things where you don’t necessarily need to get a good grade in to prove that you can act. It’s like art or dance- it’s all a matter of opinion. Yes, it helps that you can create a believable character who doesn’t just represent all of your characteristics but the general idea is that studying drama or theater studies at Uni isn’t necessarily for everyone. But that might be part of your ambition.

I don’t really have a Bucket List as such, but if I did, doing an Abseil would be very high up. I very nearly did a charity abseil about a year ago, but that was through school and it wasn’t organised very well, and so no one told me what to do, where it was, when it started, what I needed etc, etc. I might just do one on my own accord for my own charity one day.
I remember a few years ago, I wanted to go Sky Diving but the problem I have is that I think of all the bad things in too much detail. So, if someone mentions that the parachute occasionally doesn’t come out, then I will think that I will be that unlucky person who falls to their death. Not great. But this is due to the fact that I have an incredibly over-active imagination. If someone says something is bad, then I will think it is actually awful, so I suppose that’s why I don’t get too disappointed with some stuff.

That’s about all I can talk about on this subject for now, as I had an almost horrific experience playing House Hockey at school today. To sum it up for you, and to make you feel better about your lives, I was on a team of two; One person was the goalie, and the other person was me. So I had to run up and down the pitch for the best part of ten minutes or so, playing every position imaginable in a hockey match (Usually there are about seven players….) so no wonder I felt dizzy, sick, tired and close to tears afterwards, especially when the teacher asked me if I was ready to play the next team. As much as I like to play hockey, I don’t think it’s on the top of my to-do-list for now!

-South African Nutter


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