It gets Better

Hey guys!

Since I did say I would try hard to write to you guys more, it already appears that I haven’t exactly kept up to that promise. So here we go!

This post may seem like a slightly random one to start off with but hey-ho. I wanted to talk about things getting worse before they get better. That seems to be the general idea, and it can be used for anything. For example, there are times when I am training for swimming and I just feel like I cannot improve whatsoever. Or I’ll be at a gala and all I get are disqualifications or incredibly bad times or worse… coming last and being way behind everyone else. It just makes you feel rubbish, and I think that’s why sometimes, people give up on things easily. If it’s something you want to pursue then it can really bring you down at times, but honestly, it gets better afterwards.

Some people have asked me why I have chosen to study French for A-level, when they only just got through it at GCSE’s, and my answer is simple. I enjoy it. I want to get better at it. I want to be fluent in another language other than English because I feel I can get so much further with that. And although it’s so incredibly hard right now, I have a feeling that I will improve my French, no matter what the outcome is when exams come. Although, preferably, I would like to get a good grade too!

I don’t know if that helped anyone feeling down or whatever… but that’s just something I wanted to share 🙂

-South African Nutter


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