October Update

Hey guys!

Yet again, I am incredibly sorry about my lack of posts recently, but my life is incredibly busy right now, as I am doing A-levels and writing essays and all of that and I am also going away next week to Paris so that’s not going to help very much…

Last Sunday me and my friend went to Cardiff Motorpoint Arena to watch Halestorm, Shinedown and Alter Bridge, which was absolutely fabulous. I think we were really there for Halestorm and Shinedown, because Shinedown is my favorite band, Halestorm is my friend’s favourite band so… Don’t get me wrong, Alter Bridge were amazing, and I love their music but I just haven’t been a fan for as long so I didn’t know all of the songs. It was a great night though and I wish I could go back. I’m suffering withdrawal symptoms…

From Wednesday to Friday I was part of my school production of Bugsy Malone. I was only in the chorus which was depressing for me because I am studying A-level drama and quite a few people had more than one part so I just didn’t understand why I couldn’t have at least one part. Seriously, I mean, there was a girl who had quite a main part, as well as a smaller part and it made no sense to me what-so-ever. However, it was a fun experience and I’m just going to have to be successful and my school will wonder why they never cast me as a main part… (evil laugh).

As i said, we are going to Paris next week for Half-term, and I’m quite excited about that. We go most years though, so it’s not as exciting as it could be because I’ve been there so many times but we always find something to do.

Today is the one year anniversary of when we saw Muse for the first time, and to celebrate, my sister has gone to see the Arctic Monkeys. I didn’t go, because I don’t know all their music and I thought I would be that one person just bobbing on the spot to the songs I don’t know, looking very awkward. As you do.

Umm… I think that’s pretty much it. Apart from the workload, I am enjoying being in 6th Form because there is a sense that it is more relaxed because we have “Study Periods” so we don’t have to spend the whole day in lessons. The downside is the amount of essays and homework. My sister took History, RE and English, the three subjects which probably have the most essays so I feel sorry for her! The only essay I have to do is French so I should probably get started on that.

Until next time, (whenever that will be) goodbye!



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