The Fashion Bullies

Hey guys.

Can i just start by expressing my absolute disgust towards bullying and bullies. I know this is a problem that many of us will unfortunately have to experience and witness at some point in our lives. It’s bad enough hearing people being called a “Dork”, “Nerd”, or “Geek”…

So when they put it on T-shirts, what does that even mean? All of a sudden, these words don’t matter, and it’s all good because you don’t really mean it.

I hate these tops because the makers obviously don’t understand how words can have the biggest impact on someone’s life, and they actually think it’s acceptable to put it on an item of clothing, because it’s the “in thing”. Well I can tell you, it’s not fashion, it’s not cool, and it’s certainly not helping this problem we have in society called bullying. And what sickens me is that people actually buy them!

I suppose I’ve been quite lucky that I can say I’ve never had a real problem with being bullied, but I know plenty of people who have suffered, and are still suffering so that is really why I’ve gone on this rant today. It’s something I’ve been meaning to write for a while now so it’s good to get it off my chest.

Oh, fashion what have you done?

-South African Nutter



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