Mid-week Crisis

Hey guys

I don’t know if this title is really relevant to what i was planning to write, but i’ll try and fit it in somewhere.


Last week i was looking at this thing about careers in the NHS and it said something like “When you think of the NHS do you just see Doctors and Nurses?” and then it had all these other jobs across it, and then i saw one saying Speech and Language therapist.

For those of you who are new to my blog, this will probably not seem like a form of crisis in my life, but you see for the past 3 years or so, i’ve wanted to be an actress and i’ve chosen GCSE’s and A-level subjects that I think will get me there. So after seeing this and thinking about it, and then researching it, i thought that i wanted to do that instead. But then i thought, “what about acting? i want to be an actress! But i want to do this as well. But i can’t because i haven’t taken any science subjects. But what if could? But what about this, that and the other” and so it went on.

To be honest with you, I haven’t completely come to a final decision, but i don’t think we need to have final decisions because, for all i know, acting might not work out for me. Originally my back up was to be a journalist, but you know. The reason language and speech therapy stood out for me, was because first of all, when i want to i can speak for ages, and i’m also studying french. Secondly, i am known for constantly correcting other people’s spelling and grammar mistakes and i think that, if i put my mind to it, i could actually become a therapist.

But then there’s the fact that i haven’t taken a science for A-level, because i didn’t particularly enjoy science during GCSE so… yeah. I think i need to research this further, because this one website said you need to pass GCSE science, which i did, so i suppose the door is still open? Ugh i don’t know.

-South African Nutter

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