Supernatural Dreams

Hey guys!

So my sister has been getting me to watch “Supernatural” which is really good, but I won’t go and write a review on it now because I think I’ve done too much of that recently…

Anyway. I think my watching of supernatural is the cause of my incredibly weird dreams which I think would be fun to write about.

The first was about a week ago, and I was in a shop which had a yellow guitar with Dean Winchester, one of the main characters, and it was really girly so I asked the lady if I could get it for my sister for her birthday and the lady said that it was £100 but she’d give It to me for £75. How nice!

The second dream was a few days ago. It started with these two girls who were being hunted because one was ginger, but the other one had black hair and they were killed. Then I came out of the gym and was about to go to school, and then my brother and sister appeared out of nowhere (like they do in dreams) and then I saw one of my teachers in a car so we walked over and she said that school didn’t start today, and i found this very suspicious. However, we started walking home but I saw another teacher and i somehow knew that he was working with the first. So i started to pick up the pace, and i heard him talking into a walkie-talkie, “Yeah ginger, i still got them” or something of that sort. I forgot to mention that the teacher is ginger… anyway. Again, i somehow knew that they were trying to kill me, so as soon as we got home i shut the door and that’s when i woke up. But i remember thinking, “But i don’t fit the pattern! I’m not ginger!”

The third and final dream was probably the weirdest yet. It was basically my whole swimming club trying to kill shape-shifters, and we were on this hill which had a little house at the bottom, and i had just killed a bear (please don’t ask why) and I walked down, had a word with my coach which probably went like “Yeah i got the bear but they’re still coming”… and then i walked the other direction, got out my camera, and took a selfie with this other guy from my club, laughed for ages and then walked away.

This makes me come across as a really horrible, violent person but i’m honestly not. I’d just like to point that out!

-South African Nutter


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