Review on… Despicable Me 2

Hey guys!

Sorry about the incredibly long delay, it’s just that the end of summer is nigh and I’ve been doing all the things that needed to be done in the last few weeks of freedom many of us have left. So let’s get this started with a review, shall we?

I’ve seen Despicable Me 2 twice now, and man is it good. Before i saw it, I’d heard a lot of mixed views on it, some saying that it was just as good as the first, some saying it was better and so on. To be honest, when i heard they were making a second one, i was disappointed because quite often it seems that the sequel is never that good. However, my view on this movie is that it was just as good, even better than the first because it was different, the story line wasn’t exactly the same.

So for those of you who haven’t seen Despicable Me 2 yet, (which i’m guessing isn’t very many of you) Gru has quit evil and taken on the challenge of being a good father to Edith, Margo and Agnes. Then one day he is kidnapped and taken to the Anti-Villain League to seek out who has stolen an incredibly dangerous chemical… and the only way to do this is to go undercover in the shopping mall to find them.

I liked Despicable Me 2 because it was funny, and it also focuses on the minions more as well. The other reason I love this movie is because there is a bit at the end when Dr Nefario brings the girls along to the action and doesn’t realize it probably wasn’t a good move… it was funny though!

So yeah. Despicable Me 2 is definitely one i can recommend to watch again and again!

-South African Nutter


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