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Forgot to mention…

Hey guys!

I was going to do this post before i left for South Africa but i forgot and now we only have a few days left here so… yeah. Oops…

It’s been a good holiday though, but it’s a shame that we have to leave a bit earlier than usual due to exam results days and horrible stuff like that. While I’ve been here, i’ve watched four movies, which include Argo, Despicable Me 2, The Internship, and The Wolverine which i will try and write a review about all of them (or most…) but what i can say is that they were all brilliant.

That’s not the only thing i’ve done. As i’ve mentioned before, i swim for a club, so to keep up the fitness i’ve been training out here with Riaan Schoeman, who happens to be an Olympic swimmer and swam in Beijing  and in London so that was exciting!

Umm… yeah. What else has been going on…. my cousin had a pirate party to celebrate her 18th birthday, which was fun but meant there were lots of drunk people! Okay, they weren’t that  bad but it was fun all the same. This weekend my Grandparents are going to celebrate their Diamond anniversary (60 years if you don’t know) so we are going out for a meal and i’m sure it’s going to be great.

All for now!
-South African Nutter


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