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Muse- Emirates Stadium

Hey guys!

I did promise you a write up of Muse the last time I saw them in October which I never got around to so this will hopefully make up for that!! In October we saw them at the O2 arena in London, and on Saturday (25th May if you’re wondering) we went to see them at the Emirates Stadium, which also happens to be home of Arsenal football club, which is my favourite team. So it was all good.

We got on the train at 9:50 or something, and went to London. We arrived at about midday, and my sister (who is a bigger Muse fan than me) was determined to get as close to the barrier as possible so that meant she was a little bit stressed to get a move on. We got to the hotel (eventually) and dropped off our stuff. Although that’s what we hoped to do- literally drop off our stuff and leave- but my mum and her friends were in the other room having tea and biscuits (I think) so we left later than we (my sister) would have liked. She wanted to get there by 14.00, we got there at 15.00. I didn’t think it was too bad, considering the doors opened at 17.00 but there were some people who had been there since 8:00am.

Anyway, we got to the line and waited for a couple of hours. In that time we got merch and went to the toilet… but then what more stuff could you do while waiting in a line. And there was always someone who had to hold our place. Which often seemed to be me… but anyway.

There was a bit of a manic rush when we were allowed in. When we got inside the stadium, we saw people running, and being told off for running, so we started running and got told off for running… The stage was set up with a platform down the middle of the floor, and my sister knew that Matt Bellamy would be coming down there at some point so she made sure we got close enough to the barrier. She knew someone else there who had a rainbow monkey hat, but that will be an important part of the story later on.

The opening act was the brilliant Bastille, and although I have been meaning to get their album, I haven’t. So that meant I couldn’t really sing along or anything until they played Pompeii which everyone knows. I thought of it as a bit of a preview to their album, so now I know for definite that I need to have it in my collection. The second act was Dizzee Rascal. Personally, his music is not the kind I listen to, but he had two other guys with him, and one of them was an amazing singer so I thought he made it all a bit better. I did enjoy the performance though.

After Dizzee, there was a half hour break and my friend needed the toilet so I went with her because the stadium was filling up with so many people. It was the first gig she’d been to (apart from James Morrison, but that was outside and tiny) so I was like “No! Don’t get lost! Aahh!” Well I wasn’t, I did actually need to go so off we went. Unfortunately, one of the two possible bathrooms (Is that the right word? I don’t want to say toilet because that sounds like there were only two toilets…) was blocked so everyone had to line up for the other one. It seemed really long when we joined the back, but I seem to remember it moving relatively quickly. When we got back inside the stadium, there were loads more people than before, and even then it was a lot. Keep in mind that this stadium holds 60 000 people. So anyway, we found the sound and visual box in the middle, which was our checkpoint, and then started moving through the crowds yet again. We kept walking into smokers and drinkers and random other people who let us past, and then there were always those who just wouldn’t move, which I can understand. We went back and forth, left and right, up and down, side to side until we saw a rainbow monkey hat (See, I told you this would come up!) So I said “Monkey hat! Monkey rainbow hat!” And we started going through the crowds again until we managed to get to our friends at the barrier. They were well and truly surprised that we found our way back to them, and it is going down as one of my best achievements!

So now let’s get onto Muse. We got back with about 5 or 10 minutes to go so it was pretty good timing. “Supremacy” was the first song to be played, and at the end of the platform there was this thing that “Exploded fire”. Again, not exactly the right term, but I think you can guess what I mean? Anyway, because it was so close to us, it felt like our faces had been burnt. I was checking my eyebrows to see if they were still there! The whole night was so…. brilliant, explosive, amazing, loud…. it was everything good about a concert. Although, the only bad thing was that I got told off for filming, because I lent my old camera to my friend, and my new one didn’t come with the battery cable so I could only use my recorder. However, it does take pictures too, so even though I was a bit wary that the guy would come back again, I mostly took photos and also fit in a couple of videos. And when I say “A couple”, I mean about 30. But that was all bits of songs, not necessarily whole songs. I don’t think they could even do 30 songs in just over 2 hours…. that would be great though!

The finale was “Starlight” and it was such a beautiful way to end it. Last time, they ended on Survive which was also great, but it was nice to be different. In both concerts, they had this bit where they choose either “Stockholm Syndrome” or “New Born”. Last time we got Stockholm, this time was New Born, so even though we could’ve had the same song again, it was nice that it was different and even better to hear both live. I think my favourite song by Muse has to be “Knights of Cydonia”, because the crowd always goes mental in the middle of it and it’s just such a good song! Go and listen to it now. Go on, I dare you. You won’t regret it! Even if you’ve just listened to it, play it again and start dancing because i’m sure no one will care when they realise what song it is.

That went a bit off topic. So. At the end, we went to the visual box, as I called it earlier, because Tom Kirk was in there and we managed to get his autograph. It was so cool, and he seems so nice! He asked my sister if she enjoyed the show and she obviously replied “Yes it was amazing”, and my other friend said “I love you Tom!” and he said “I love you too!” (At least this is what she told me he said. I am going by her word on this one!) I really recommend seeing Muse live if you haven’t because they are so perfect and awesome and everything! They even had this giant light bulb that looked a bit like a hot air balloon flying over the stage and the crowd, and all of a sudden, out pops this ballerina in a white suit, twirling over the crowd. AND they had a robot. What more could you ask for?

-South African Nutter


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