May Update

Hey guys!

I thought i’d give you a little update on all that’s been happening and what will be happening because, as some of you may know, I am one of many who will  be sitting in a hall doing exams for the next few weeks so I won’t be writing that much.

I have a swimming gala today (this evening) and I am doing 2 individual races and one relay. Unfortunately, I might be in the boys 16 and under 100m Freestyle race because our club doesn’t have many boys in that age group, but there is a guy who can now come but I don’t know if i’ll be swimming in that race or not so we’ll just have to wait and see. I’m also doing the girl’s 100m backstroke so that’ll be alright.

I had my first 3 exams last week; on Monday I had RE and French, and on Tuesday I had Biology. I think they all went okay, but I never like saying that it went well because there is the chance that it went incredibly badly, so then when August comes and you open up that letter which holds your entire future and you find you did badly, you’d just be heartbroken, right? So I never say it went really well because it lowers the chance of me being utterly distraught, but then if I do better than I thought, then i’d be over the moon so I think this works out quite well.

I have English Literature on Monday, about Of Mice and men, and An Inspector Calls which i’m not really looking forward to, although I am doing English Lit for A-Level so I have to do quite well. I also have chemistry on Monday which i’m worrying about because I haven’t revised as much for it and I hate chemistry and ugggggh. BUT, on Thursday I have English Literature for Poetry, and Physics which isn’t any better than Monday but i’m glad to get all the sciences out the way before half-term.

Next week I am going to be seeing Muse again! I’m really excited, although with exam stress and everything else going on, it hasn’t really hit me yet that it’s only a week away. Aaaah. Today is my mum’s birthday and she’s on a Red Cross charity walk in London so I hope she’s had fun. She said it would probably finish around midday which is now, so i’m guessing it’s all gone smoothly.

I don’t really have anything else to say for this month…. although these updates aren’t a monthly thing. Should they be? I didn’t really want them to because I write about what is going on anyway so I don’t know if there’s much point saying it all again, but I could just sum it all up… I don’t know. What should I do???

-South African Nutter


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