Hey guys!

This is gonna be quite a serious post and I’m a bit scared by it because it’s so serious. Is it serious? I don’t know… I’ve just had the start of my exams this week so if I go rambling on, then I apologise in advance. My blog is my getaway from all kinds of stress related stuff so yeah.

And there I go, rambling on about something completely un-related to this post because I don’t know why. I’m a rambler, and I don’t care if that’s a real thing or not, I am proud to call myself that. (Yay, I’ve found how to link it to the post now!) Insecurities are a huge thing within the teenage population, particularly with girls. And it’s not just teens, it’s… everyone.

I know soooo many people who complain about having fat thighs and constantly moan about it but… we all have fat thighs. Thighs were made to be fat, so you shouldn’t be worrying about that. Everyone has a different figure so people will have different size legs or arms or feet or whatever to you but you should just be proud that you are different to them. If we were all the same, Jesus Christ how boring would that be? I don’t even want to imagine it! I swear, people always say to me that they hate their legs the worst.

Personally, I don’t think I’m insecure about anything about myself. However, I do remember when I was little that I always worried what people thought of me when they saw I had eczema. I thought I was the only one so I thought that I was weird and stood out from the crowd but when I look back on it now… no one actually cared. And that’s the same for the scar on my ankle, except I wasn’t insecure about it, I just thought I was special. And then I grew up and realised what it was.

I often wonder about girls who wear a tonne of makeup. Is it because they are trying to hide what they really look like, or is it because we are “expected” to wear makeup because we are women and that is what we do? We do have a choice you know, and I have chosen not to wear it, but that doesn’t mean I can’t change my mind. Although I guess they chose to wear the stuff… But back to the point. I know some people who bring their makeup into the lesson and apply it for the whole hour, and then go to the bathroom to finish it off, and then spend the next hour sorting out their hair. I don’t really get it… I think for some people, it’s that they want to feel happy with the way they look, but they worry that they haven’t got it right or something’s wrong with them.

I reckon it’s the media to blame because we always see these perfect people boasting about their fabulous lifestyle and how it’s “oh-so-easy” to look fantastic. I think it’s ridiculous to be honest! It also annoys me on TV shows like “The Voice” because the whole point of it is to find someone with a brilliant voice and it doesn’t matter what they look like, but as soon as they get onto the live shows the contestants get all glammed up and it completely defies the point of the show. Does it? See, I’m confusing myself now.

Sorry about the rant. I’m tired and confused and stressed, although I think my stress levels have gone down now I’ve got that out of my system. And I felt like I needed to write something before next week because I have 2 English exams so I’m not going to feel like writing anything after that. But does this post make any sense? Does anyone else feel that way about anything I mentioned above..? Someone please explain!

-South African Nutter


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