The best smelling cupboard

Hey guys!

This’ll be another quick and random one, I’m afraid.

So you know that cupboard in the corner of the kitchen with all the herbs and spices in it that, if you are not an avid chef, will not be opened all that often? Well, the best thing about it is that whenever you open it- whether it’s once every six weeks or so often that it has become a ritual to you- it’s still the best smelling cupboard in all the land (kitchen). All the other cupboards are green with jealousy because they know they will never smell that good. The fridge is a close contender, but it’s cold and it’s that one which you see all too often and the smells aren’t as beautiful as they used to be… you know?

But the smells from The Spice Cupboard, well nothing can beat it. Whenever the aromas get that little chance to escape, we’ll all come running to just get a whiff of those gorgeous herbs and spices that are to die for, and Oh-so-lovely.

So that was all that I wanted to tell you today. There was no particular reason, except to remind you that it is the best smelling cupboard in all of time and space and if you think otherwise, then go and smell that cupboard again and let the smells knock some sense into you man!

All for now,

-South African Nutter


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