Hey guys!

I know a lot of people who cry an awful lot in movies, books… even songs. Whether it’s your favourite character (Or… least favourite?) dying, or if it’s a song you’ve been waiting to hear for ages that has finally come out and it’s better than you’d expected. Well, for me, I don’t cry in these sorts of things. I probably should have cried in Marley and Me when i was 12, and i should have cried when the Tiger in my favourite Childhood books (called “The Palace of Laughter”) died… but i didn’t. Is there something wrong with that? I do, however, get goosebumps when it’s a really emotional scene or something like that but that’s a pathetic excuse really…

I’m just not one of those cry-a-lot people who get so overwhelmed by it all… I didn’t even cry in the final Harry Potter Movie, although i had already read the book but i didn’t cry in that either. My reaction, normally, if someone dies and it’s sudden or unexpected is I gasp, then go really quiet for a few seconds, then i start shouting at the TV/Book (Not the cinema scren, that would be weird) things like “Why? Why did you do that?” And then i don’t pay any attention to the next 5 minutes of the show (if it is a show) because i’m still trying to piece it all together about how and why and what and who… Does this sound familiar?

So yeah. I don’t cry. I have nearly cried, like when i saw Marley and Me i nearly cried. I had a lump in my throat and all that jazz, but i didn’t cry. Although when i laugh loads, i sometimes cry. I’ve even squeaked on a few occasions.

-South African Nutter


3 thoughts on “Crying”

  1. You probably don’t cry because you know the difference between fairy-tales and reality. Even though Marley & Me was based on a true story. I can’t watch it anymore, I cry and it every time, at exactly the same point without fail. It might be because I have 2 Marleys at home and I don’t want them going any time soon. D:

    1. I guess that could be, but i feel the same way about my dog, although he isn’t a marley! But when it comes to horror movies, i cannot in any way shape or form tell myself that “It’s just a movie”. My imagination at this point has taken complete control and keeps telling me that something is definitely in the cupboard, or the rocking chair just moved or i heard a creak on the landing…

  2. Sometimes it’s difficult to understand how we are related. I’ve been thinking, and maybe I cry at everything because it’s a subtle way of letting my emotions go without thinking about my real worries…
    But anyway. I’ll cry at practically anything. I cried at animal programmes when the lions had to catch their prey, I cried at Titanic even though it’s a dreadful movie and I’ve seen it more than a hundred times. I still cry! I cried at Sherlock, The Reichenbach Fall. I’ve cried in generally every book/series I’ve read. I cried at Marley and Me, I cried when Hedwig, Dobby and Dumbledore died in Harry Potter. I cried in Supernatural when Dean and Sam are visiting their parents’ grave. I suppose I put myself into their positions and imagine how sad I would feel if I were them. I almost cried at the final episode of Broadchurch, when they’re in the Church for Danny’s funeral. Whenever a person cries in a movie/programme/book, I feel a lump in my throat and I have to try not to cry!

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