Mr Linden's Library, Stories

Chapter 5

Gray twisted the metal door handle, and as it unlocked it gave a massive “clunk!” which echoed around the room and seemed to go on forever. He pulled the door open, and light flooded into the cave. It was so bright i had to block my eyes with my arm. We went through the door, and entered another room, completely different to the cave we had just been in. The walls were made of Gold, and the floor was… see through? I couldn’t believe it. The floor was made of glass… but it couldn’t be! Glass should’ve cracked under my weight, and definitely Gray’s. But there wasn’t a single trace of any damage. I looked down at my reflection, and beyond it was darkness. Just a very deep drop. As my imagination took control and i started wondering what would happen if a dragon was asleep somewhere down there, I walked into the back of Gray.
“Hey! Why did you just stop, I’m walking here!” I don’t know why i was surprised with Gray’s silent response. “You do know that it’s rude to ignore people…right?” But still, he stared angrily at something at the other side of the room. I followed his line of vision, and saw a little man waddling towards us. “Um… Quick question… who is that?”
“I AM KING HAROLD THE 26TH THANK YOU VERY MUCH! AND THIS IS MY KINGDOM. IT’S RATHER LOVELY, DON’T YOU THINK?” Yelled the little man, although i couldn’t take him seriously because he sounded like he was permanently on helium. He finally reached us, and then started rambling on about how he had been robbed and that was the reason for the room being so bare.
“We should go through that back door,” Gray whispered. “We don’t have any time to waste.”
“Won’t he notice that we’ve gone?” We looked back at the little man, who was now staring at the roof.
“Anna. Look at him. The guy’s an idiot. Now come on!” We slipped out of a different door, and were back into the vast jungle of… wherever we were.
“So Gray, I have a couple of questions for you.”
“Oh no! Seriously? Why can’t you just stop with the questions?” He moaned, yet again.
Fine. I thought. He’s treating me as a child, I’ll act like one. So i stopped in my tracks and sat on the floor, folding my arms.
“What are you doing now!” He sounded tired, frustrated.
“I’m not going anywhere until i get some answers.” Gray looked at me, anger obviously bubbling up inside him. I’d never seen him so angry, but i had to know what i was doing here. After a long and intense staring competition, Gray gave in. He sighed, and leaned against a tree nearby.
“What do you want to know?”
“Why do you need me?”
“I thought i’d told you already…”
“Well, considering that i’ve been through soo much today, i may have forgotten. And i don’t think you did, actually.
Gray sighed. “Whoever reads that book you got from the library gets sucked in to…here. There is only one way out which is-” He pointed in the opposite direction, “-That way. The temple. There is a set of challenges to be completed. If you fail, then you will be stuck here forever. Or, at least until the next stupid person to pick up that book can do the challenges but that hasn’t happened yet. When that day comes, everyone stuck here can finally go home.”
“Wait… so you and… Harold the 26th aren’t the only ones here?” Gray shook his head. “But why do you need me? You seem big and strong enough to complete the challenges.”
“There is an order. It has to go Man, Woman, Man, Woman. And you only have one chance.”
There was a few minutes of silence as i took in this information. But there was still another think i needed to know.
“Yes, Anna.”
“How do you know my name? I never told you my name.” Although Gray was staring at the floor, his body seemed to freeze completely, except for his eyes which widened in… shock? Horror? “Gray? How do you-”
He suddenly looked up. “Sshh…” He stared into the forest. “Did you hear that?” he whispered.
“Look, if you’re trying to get off this topic, it’s not-”

And then i heard a loud CRACK!

-South African Nutter

Sorry it’s been so long! I’ve had a serious case of writer’s block and also a whole load of other things to worry about. I hope you enjoyed it, and if you have no idea what is going on, then you can find the previous chapters if you click on the “Mr Linden’s Library” button below.


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