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Paloma Faith

Hey guys!

I think this post is a bit delayed because i’ve been so busy this weekend but anyway.

On Friday i went to see the one and only… PALOMA FAITH! YAAAAY! It was a really good night, and one i will never forget… probably for the wrong reasons but still.

So, after school i went to my friend’s house and we left for Plymouth at about 5.00pm. We got there just after 6, so we had an hour and a half until the doors opened so we went on the great search for food. First we went to Pizza Express, but it was booked out and the next free table was at about 8.30 which wouldn’t do us any favours so we left. We went around the corner and saw this Australian Bar which looked reasonable enough so we went inside to check it out. Me and my friend told her parents what we wanted to eat and drink, and then they went to the bar to order. Then this waitress came to our table and asked if we had any ID on us, so we told her that we were just ordering food but she said that we need to be over 18 to be in the Bar so we had to leave. It was an interesting first experience of being kicked out of a Bar for being under age with no ID! After that, we went to this other place but there were no free tables so when we were thinking about going to MacDonalds after the show, we went past this Bistro which looked okay so we went inside and we actually managed to find a table! We sat there for about 10 minutes when the Manager came over. The Manager coming over is never a good sign, and indeed it wasn’t. He said that the Chef had had an “accident” so some of the food wouldn’t be able to be made. Luckily for us, we ordered pretty basic food so we actually managed to eat something.

Now onto the Concert. Me and my friend made our way into the depths of the crowd and we weren’t too far from the front. We could see, but there were so many tall people there which didn’t make it much easier for me! The supporting act was a girl called Josephine from Manchester and i thought she was really good, but there was a small group of adults who didn’t appear to be Paloma Faith fans who kept saying that all her songs were the same and kept laughing at her which was really rude but at least everyone else seemed to respect her. I cheered really loudly after most of her songs and i probably got some weird looks from them but there we go.

When Paloma Faith came on, it was really cool because it went pitch black and all you could see were people’s phones and camera screens. Then we could hear her talking, but it was pre-recorded and then the spotlight went on her and she sang “Let your love walk in”. It’s weird i remember that first, but it was amazing! She’s really funny aswell because she kept making random comments about Plymouth and called herself Marmite at one point. It was quite a weird experience because all the concerts i’ve been to before have been more rocky concerts, like Muse or Noel Gallagher so i was expecting everyone to be jumping up and down but there wasn’t very much of that. By the end of it though, i was going a bit crazy and waving and jumping around and trying to encourage other people to join me but it didn’t happen. Although when she sang “Agony” she told us all to jump so we obeyed. It was a really amazing night, and if you haven’t seen her live and happen to be a fan, then go and see her at some point because it was really good.

-South African Nutter


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