February Update

Hey guys!

Just a little update about what the fabulous month of february has in stall for me this year. So, to start, i had my Geography Controlled Assessment yesterday. It was okay i guess, but i don’t like to say “It went really well” because then i think that it was either really easy, or i failed miserably. I have a History controlled Assesment tomorrow, Thursday and a week tomorrow about the Vietnam War which will be interesting. I’m not really looking forward to it, but i’m sure there’ll be some last minute revision at some point today.

On a happier, more exciting note, I’m going to see Paloma Faith on the 15th! AAAAH!! I’m really excited, although it’s annoying because my swimming club has its Club Championships starting on the same night but i’ve already paid for the tickets way back in the Spetember-ish times so i’m not just going to let this opportunity go. I’ll just have to hope that they don’t do the 100m freestyle on that night because it’s my best and favourite race and i might sound a bit selfish, but i don’t want to see the medal/trophee (i don’t know how to spell it) go to someone else because i’m that competitive. To be honest, that’s the only race i care about. I don’t mind how badly i do in all the others, as long as my time for 100m Freestyle is a good one!

But back to Paloma Faith. We are seeing her in Plymouth and i’m so excited because it’s going to be awesome, and i’ve seen some photos of her touring a few times in different places across the country and it looks awesome.

And back to swimming again. On the 17th i am going to swim in Plymouth at the County Gala!!! I can see a theme occuring here…. I’m glad it’s on the Sunday because i was literally panicking for ages because i thought that my race was on the Saturday, the day after i get back from Plymouth seeing Paloma Faith and i know i would be exhausted, but thankfully it’s not. I’m swimming 50m Backstroke on Sunday, and then in March sometime, i think it’s either the 2nd or the 10th i’m going to swim 50m Breaststroke. Great. I hate Breaststroke- I’m just going to write it as Brst because it’s easier- because when i swim more than 2 lengths of it my knees and hips hurt. This isn’t just an excuse, when i was born i had a skew foot so i had an operation and now one is smaller than the other, but Brst kicking is weird… i’m very sure your legs aren’t meant to move that way! Obviously i’m going to do it anyway because i want to prove that i am good enough and all my complaints from when we have to do an hour of Brst training will just be put behind me. I’m not too sure why my coach put me down for brst in a County gala. County. Gala. I may seem very relaxed right now but inside i am freaking out.

What else is happening this month…. I’m going to the orthodontist on the 20th but you don’t want to know about that. We have mock interviews on the…. 20 something-th of February which is annoying because i’ve applied for a job and my actual interview is likely to be before then, so i don’t get a chance to mess it up and not worry about it afterwards. Life isn’t fair. But we can’t do much about that now, can we?

I think that is about it for this month… i actually thought that there would be more going on but it really doesn’t seem like it, eh? Oh well.
-South African Nutter


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