Cats Vs Dogs

Hey guys!

I have decided that today’s post will be about the ever long argument about what is better: Cats or Dogs?

Before i start, i would like you to know that at the moment i have a dog and two cats, but i used to have another cat a few years ago and he was around before i was even born, so i guess you could say that i should be more of a cat person, right? Umm… Not quite. Don’t get me wrong, i love cats because they are friendly (most of the time), independant, and they are good company, but then they can be a nuisance when, if you live in the country like i do, they bring in dead mice. Or nearly dead mice. Or slightly injured mice who they just want to keep as a toy until it’s dead. And they only seem to pay you any respect when they get what they want.

Dogs, however are quite the opposite. Okay, they are a good companion and they are really friendly. But it’s because they aren’t independant that makes them better. You can take them for walks which is not only good for them, it’s good for you and you stay fit aswell so… you know. Dogs are cool. They don’t always demand things from you, such as attention, food, brushing their fur, more food… I just think that cats need to be a bit more respectful because it’s true when they say that Dogs have owners and cats have servants. We do everything for our beloved pets and it just seems that dogs are always happy, and cats are only happy when they’ve been fed or whatever it is they want you to do this time.

I reckon cats could dominate the world if they put their minds to it, but they need people because cats are… well. Lazy (Cat lovers out there, please don’t kill me, i’m just stating the obvious from what i have learnt from having cats in the past). I think that because i’ve had cats and a dog, i have more knowledge of these animals so i can make a decision and people shouldn’t immediately say that i should prefer cats.  It’s a matter of opinion, and i still like cats! I never said i hated them or anything!

But anyway, what do you think? Please don’t start some kind of war over cats and dogs, because there is no right or wrong answer. But then i might just be saying that… dum dum duuuuum!

-South African Nutter

4 thoughts on “Cats Vs Dogs”

  1. “But it’s because they aren’t independant that makes them better.”

    You know what’s even better than that? It’s if you can spell independent right.

    And also, cats are better than dogs. No argument.

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