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Hey guys!

I know it’s late, but Happy New Year! Congratulations to all of you reading this now for surviving through 2012. It was a big one, but we all made it out okay. So to start everything off, it was my birthday yesterday. I got a Kindle Fire, more socks than i got for Christmas, £20, and the Big Bang Theory box set (series 1-5 if you’d like to know). So yeah. I didn’t post anything yesterday because i was out all day at the Eden Project for the Stargazing Live thing they were doing there, and that is the story i am going to start this wonderful year of 2013 with.

So, after going to the bank to sort out bank stuff, we were on our way to Cornwall to get to the Eden Project for 6.30. My mum was already worrying about being late, but it didn’t really matter because we didn’t have to be there on time. We had about 10 or 20 minutes to go, and we were doing well with the time, until we came to a long queue of cars. That, my friends, is never good. First of all, it would mean that we would be later than we already were. But what was weird about it was that we only moved about 2 inches and then stopped for ages. Then we moved forward a bit, and stopped again. It was ridiculous! We were sitting there for at least half an hour wondering what was holding us up. If it was roadworks, then surely there would be signs up a bit further back, and we would be moving more than we were. If it was an accident, then they only would have blocked off a bit of the road, and eventually we would be well on our way. Eventually, we came over a small hill, to see flashing blue lights, and a Policeman telling the driver at the front of the queue where to go, and then the driver turned onto the other side of the road and drove back. So after all that waiting, it was because of a really bad accident, and the people had to be cut out of the vehicle or something bad, and one of the passengers (or the driver, i’m not too sure) suffered from life-long injuries but they weren’t sure if she already had a condition… We found all this out later on though.

But it doesn’t end there. The Policeman (when we got to the front of the queue) told us the directions and we all listened carefully, but being our family we managed to miss the turning. So being our family, we argued with each other, my mum threatened to take everyone back home, and then found a place where she could turn onto the other side of the road to get the turning. It wasn’t very had to miss though, because literally every car was going in the Bodmin direction, and they all had to take the same route.

We eventually got to the Eden Project over an hour later, and the first thing we did was to get some food. No wait, that was the second thing. The first thing was go to the toilet… then we went to scoff down some Cornish Pasties and cupcakes. After that it was all quite relaxed. We missed half of the event, but what we saw was still very good. On our way back home, we saw another accident, but this car had flipped over onto the roof! From what i could see through the fog was that the windows were… well there were no windows. The roof looked like it had been crushed against the ground, and i don’t know how bad the first accident was, but this must have been either equally bad, or worse. The only reason we weren’t held up in traffic this time, was because the whole road wasn’t blocked off, and the car and the Police and ambulance and everyone was on the side of the road so we didn’t get held up. In case you’re wondering, I didn’t see anyone in the car, but i haven’t heard anything about it, so… yeah. I hope everyone was okay, but it looked pretty serious.

As if my life didn’t get more dramatic than that, I have an English exam tomorrow, followed by an English lesson, so i am going to have to leave you for now, and i’ll tell you all about it… when i’ve recovered… if i recover…

-South African Nutter


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