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The Seagull Situation

Hey guys.

Today i had an interesting, yet humiliating experience. Our school has this thing called Activities, and i chose swimming. Today was our last session, so we were allowed to go out early and buy lunch, or ice cream in my case. I got a cookies and cream one, and me and my friend decided to walk back along the road by the beach. Yes, it is December, and yes it was cold, but it was quite nice. Until the seagulls struck.

I was too busy worrying that the ice cream would fall out of the cone, and then something hit the back of my head. At first i thought it was someone jumping at me as a joke, but then i saw it flying away… The stupid bird tried to get my ice cream, which I paid for. Anyway, it didn’t get it, but it just put it’s claws into my ice cream, and split it down the middle, leaving horrible marks in my ice cream. I was really dissapointed, and in a state of shock, (it wasn’t too bad, don’t worry!) so my friend said that she would use her bag to try and push it away if it came back.

Less than two minutes later, the seagull had the cheek to attack again! I have no idea if it was the same one, but still! It came from behind like the first time, but it actually knocked half of my ice cream onto the floor. I screamed (again) and swore at the bird, and said that it was stupid- not that it could understand anything. I’m sure it was just too damn pleased with itself for getting some ice cream. We carried on, now looking for a bin, and there were two people coming in the opposite direction who had witnessed our unfortunate situation, and just laughed.

I guess my life could be worse. I mean, it’s not like i spent ยฃ1.80 on an awesome ice cream or anything… you know. The seagull could have killed me. Probably not, actually, but i think it has left me with a bit of a phobia of seagulls. When we got back to school, a seagull flew over me and i was like “Woah, Seagull!” and protected myself with my arms… and then when it was gone, another one came from behind the staff room, and i ran away.

But yeah… that’s all i have to say about that.
-South African Nutter


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