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December Update

Hey guys.

As if my life wasn’t already hectic enough, it’s about to get a whole lot worse. First of all, i have a week of mock exams ahead of me, and i think the only good thing that will come out of it is that we get study leave. We had our fist exam on Friday which was geography, and i guess it went okay. I have history and maths tomorrow, which will be fun because those are probably the two i am worrying about the most.

On a happier note, my swimming club had a cake sale yesterday, so if you happened to be in Honiton, or are a “Honitonian”, i hope you could make it to our stall and enjoyed the cakes, mince pies and other nibbles. If not, then you seriously missed out. It was a bit cold, but i am ill and i went around with a sandwich board advertising the cake sale which was fun, and it kept my toes warm so i think it was worth embarrassing myself.

I had a gala last weekend and i had 6 races and i got a PB in all of them which was fun, and i got 4 medals (2 silver and 2 bronze). It was a bit embarrassing though because the majority of our competition were under the age of 13, so… yeah.

What else is happening…. oh yeah. For this year’s Christmas Family Holiday, we are heading off to the merry land of Iceland on the 29th December, and i’m pretty excited about that. Unfortunately for me, a person who does not like walking, i have been assured by my *oh-so-loving parents that there will be a lot of walking involved.

(*I’m being sarcastic)

And Christmas is just around the corner now, and surprisingly not very many people have been going on about it to me. Maybe because it’s only the second of December and we still have to wait at least 20 days before things start to get interesting.

OH! I nearly forgot to say, that we are going to see Muse again. Not in December, but in May… i think… Sometime in the near future at least. I will definitely write about that concert because it seems that i didn’t write about the last one and my memory obviously isn’t keeping up with me. I’m not that old, don’t worry, but i think it’s because i’m slightly stressed and tired and ill. I do remember some stuff though, obviously, because it was probably the best gig i’ve been to. Although Tim Minchin was amazing, but that was different because it was outside and raining, but Muse were at the O2. THE O2!! It’s he-uge in there, it’s like a small town! AND there is a Spur. If you don’t know what the Spur is, it’s a South African Restaurant with a Cowboy and Indian style and it’s really cool. I’m a bit annoyed though, because it’s one of those things where you don’t really want everyone else to know about it. Not that no body already knows about it, probably everyone in South Africa knows it, but do you get what i’m saying?

I’m starting to ramble so i’m gonna wrap this up now.

So long, farewell my friends…
-South African Nutter


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