“Call Me Maybe” scares me…

Hey Guys.

This is a weird and a bit of an awkward post, but it has a funny side to it, and i think we will all learn something about the ever-changing music industry.

My radio is basically my alarm, and it stays on for an hour so i get to listen to music to wake me up. However, the local radio station always plays the same 5 songs, and if they do change it, then we’ll be lucky if it’s even half decent. Anyway, a couple of days ago, the first song i heard was “Call Me Maybe” and i hate this song. Now, i wasn’t properly awake so i had this dream and that song was playing in the background of my dream… if that makes sense. The dream was in my point of view, and it was like i was trying to give the number to the guy she likes, and we were in this big, dark building which was quite desolate. Whenever i looked at the guy, he disappeared after about a second or two. Then when i went into the next room, he was there and then he disappeared again, and this kept going on until i went to these toilets (i think). I saw him and then he disappeared again, and then i walked to the front of one of the toilet cubicles and stood there. I looked to my right, and there was this little girl, just standing there and looking forward like she couldn’t see me. I looked to my left, and the guy was there. I looked back to my right, and the girl started looking at me, but stopped when i looked at her- basically she was like a Weeping Angel (if you don’t watch Doctor Who… well why wouldn’t you?). But then one time when i looked at her, she kept turning her head towards me, like… really robotic and stiff and really creepy. I walked back, and then she turned and grabbed my wrist…

Then i woke up.

The weird thing was that when i did wake up, my hands were crossed, so my right hand was holding my left hand, so i don’t know if i squeezed it really hard or something…

You see why most modern music sucks? You get those goods artists who write and produce and have loads to do with their songs and albums, and then you get artists like this who… give you nightmares.


-South African Nutter


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