September Update

Hello, people of the internet.

I don’t really want to write another review, and i haven’t written very much recently, so i thought i might as well give you another update as to what is going on in my “oh-so busy life”.

Firstly, i am now in Year 11. I don’t really know how i feel about that yet, but i’m  sure i’ll find out soon enough. Yesterday i had a swimming gala in Tiverton, and it was the first away gala my brother had been to. The reason he and my sister were there was because we went to see Noel Gallagher after in Cardiff which was really, really good. We had a Subway before we went to the arena, and joined the back of the queue which seemed quite long, but went quite quickly. I wasn’t sure what to think of the opening act… they were okay but i wouldn’t listen to them very often. When Noel Gallagher came on though, the crowd went wild and it was a really great night.

Tomorrow will be the first of my swimming club’s Tuesday swimming sessions, instead of being on a Thursday. I think it’ll be weird, and i’ll probably forget, but it’ll be better because then all the training sessions won’t all be squashed together at the end of the week so it’s a good change. I have another gala next weekend too, in Exeter. It’s a sprint gala but for some reason i didn’t do 100m freestyle which is my best stroke. Oh well…

Bacl to the topic of being a Year 11… It hasn’t sunk in yet. It’s weird to think that we have all our exams just around the corner… I think my first is in October for drama. In a way i’m excited about this being our final year, but it’s one of those thing’s where you just want it to be over so you can enjoy the Leaver’s day, and the Prom… if only we could fast-forward in time!

On the 29th my swimming club has it’s presentation evening, and we’ll get medals and/or trophies. I always look forward to that, because it’s always so much fun and it has a relaxed atmosphere. This year i hope we have a disco because it would be more interesting to get up and enjoy it that much more.

And finally, i have some pretty big news…

Okay, i know this isn’t this month, but it’s still important so stay there for a few more minutes…

In October… Me, my sister, my friend, and my mum are going to see… in the London O2 Arena… one of the greatest bands ever…

Can you guess who it is? Actually don’t guess, i’ll tell you.

We… are going to see…


AAAAAAAAAH!! HOW COOL AND AWESOME AND EPIC AND SO COOL IS THAT!? And what makes it even better is that we’ve got standing tickets… Only 3 words to describe this.

Oh. My. God.

-South African Nutter


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