Review on… Brave

Hello, internet people!

I am back from my holiday in South Africa, and thought i would start off by doing a review on Brave, which i went to see yesterday. It’s about a Princess called Merida, who is a very skilled archer and is determined to choose her own path, rather than get married which causes chaos in the kingdom. Frustrated with her mother who doesn’t seem to understand her, Merida goes out  and finds a little house in the forest. Inside is a woodcarver who turns out to be a witch, and Merida asks for help. The witch gives her a spell, but forgets about the warning, which is after two sunrises, the spell will be permanent. The spell, however, was not what Merida expected- it turns her mother into a bear. Her family now cursed, she is forced to undo the spell before it’s too late.

When i saw the trailer, i thought it didn’t look very good. But I’m happy to say that it was actually really good. It was funny, and dramatic, and it was done very well and the storyline was good, and the music was great and it fit in with the theme. I would definitely watch it again! I’m not sure if it’s for everyone though, because it is a children’s film so it may not appeal to everyone, but it was fun to watch. If you prefer action,war and death, then i don’t reccomend this movie for you.

-South African Nutter

File:Brave Teaser Poster.jpg

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