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Review on… Black Heart Blue

 Twin sisters,
One beautiful, one disfigured.
Divided by a terrible secret…

Hello, internet people.

In the early hours of this morning, i finished the book “Black Heart Blue” by Louisa Reid.

So what did i think of it..?

Well, it’s about twin sisters Hephziba (Hephzi) and Rebecca, who are bought up in a vicarage with parents who basically need to work on their parenting skills. Seriously, they are horrible, but the family are the only ones who know what really goes on in the walls of the vicarage. At the age of 17, they finally get to go to the college in town, meet new people and live a “normal life”. Sounds simple, right? But everyone has their secrets, and some can never be told.

When one twin tragically dies, the other has to find a way of escape, else she’ll end up like her sister.

I really enjoyed this book, because there was a bit of everything in it- suspense, tension, action (sort of), and a smidge of romance. I thought it was really well written, and it was clever how the author went from one twins’ story to the other. It was one of those books where i was just hooked, and it was hard to put down, and i recommend it to anyone. I’d say it’s more for girls, but you know, if you’re a guy and like reading about this kind of thing or have nothing to read, or if you just want to read it, then do because it is really good.

-South African Nutter


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